Storage Network Advantage Partners With E-SoftSys and Integrates with Self Storage Manager (SSM)


    SNAStorage Network Advantage, LLC (SNA) has partnered with E-SoftSys LLC and integrated with Self Storage Manager (SSM), one of the leading management software programs in the self-storage industry. SNA Collections Manager provides automated collections notifications to past due self-storage tenants via phone call and SMS text message. SNA developed the SNA Collections Manager to reduce bad debt and increase cash flow without adding labor cost. It introduces automation to increase success in debt collection and was carefully designed to assure all legal requirements were being met and followed. This assures the lawful protection for anyone using the service. “We tested the service for thirteen months at our Westport Properties, Inc (WPI) stores with impressive results,” said Drew Hoeven, Principal at SNA and WPI. “All self-storage operators can instantly launch our technology to contact tenants outside of normal office hours at virtually no additional expense.  SNA’s collection system dramatically reduces bad debt at a fraction of the cost of traditional collection methods. ” SNA Collections Manager combines hardware and software technology to interface seamlessly with Self Storage Manager software and transmits phone and SMS text messages to past due tenants. “For pennies per call we are contacting tenants and collecting payments at all hours of the day, even outside of office hours,” said Howard Pryor, Director of Operations with WPI.  “With the help of SNA Collections Manager we reduced our bad debt by an average of $504 per location each month in the last year.  The automated system prevented any additional labor cost.” “SNA Collections Manager SMS texts and calls tenants during the hours when they are most accessible.  The integration between Self Storage Manager and SNA prevents storage operators from extending office hours to contact tenants,” said Kat Shenoy, President and CEO of E-SoftSys.  “We are pleased to add yet another integration to our product portfolio that will help our clients to improve their cash flow and reduce their operating costs.” SNA Collections Manager makes automated collection calls and sends text messages as late as 8:45 PM each night and as early as 8:00 AM.   Automated calls reach tenants outside of traditional storage office hours when they are usually available to make a payment.  For the first time, self-storage customers can pay via phone immediately to clear their past due balance. The seamless integration between Self Storage Manager and SNACM sends balances, tenant names, and phone numbers from the management software to the call system and posts real time stamped notes in Self Storage Manager following each call. SNACM worked with NCC Business Services and E-SoftSys LLC to provide seamless integration which allows for real time past due tenant data to be loaded into Collections Manager and for SNA Collections Manager to add notes to the tenant’s account detailing the result of the call.  All of this is done with the savings in bad debt typically equaling over 5X the cost of the system.   About E-SoftSys LLC E-SoftSys, a technology leader for the self-storage industry, offers products and services that include; Self Storage Manager Comprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators; e-CRM Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management module with interfaces to leading phone systems and an optional Call Tracker interface to capture valuable statistics including lead to rental conversion ratios, cost per lead etc.; Other Modules INSOMNIACTM Kiosk, Online Reservations, Rentals & Payments, QlikViewTM Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile Website, XPS Integration, G5 Integration, iPadTM/Tablet-based Site Audit and Walk Through module etc.; 24/7 Customer Support with Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for large operator implementations.   About Storage Network Advantage Storage Network Advantage launched in September of 2010 to leverage buying power for small and midsized self storage operators around the country.  The network is currently run by owners, for owners.  SNA differs from other buying groups as WPI utilizes every vendor partner for our daily operations.    ]]>


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