Storage Structures Inc. Introduces ReRoof USA as a New Division of their Company.


    Storage Structures Inc. has introduced ReRoof USA to meet the increasing demand of roof replacements for metal buildings. Reroof USA started because of the growing demand of roof replacements in the self storage industry, the need for replacement of commercial roofs due to storm, hail, and fire damage, and the expansion of retrofit roof options for all types of commercial facilities. That coupled with the previous experience installing several million square feet of standing seam roofs (as Storage Structures Inc.) made ReRoof USA a natural fit.

    Most metal roofs begin to deteriorate at an average of 20 years and have a total life expectancy of 50 years in most environments. Fastener systems that have been used in the past, decrease the roofs life expectancy. ReRoof USA has eliminated the need for these exposed fasteners by providing quality standing seam metal roofs along with experienced installation crews, onsite manufacturing, and over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge of restoring metal roofs.


    ReRoof USA will provide standing seam metal roofs that are made of highly durable, lightweight Galvalume and are weather-tight, durable, attractive, and reliable. The standing seam eliminates the need for exposed fasteners which wear out much faster due to the restriction of thermal movement and also allows for slopes as low as 1/4”/12”. This low-sloping roof design provides adequate drainage for rain, snow, or sleet which will eliminate ponding altogether. Less ponding means less leaks and damages to a metal roof.


    Their on-site roll forming machine provides a seamless metal roof that is economical, cost effective, and long lasting. It also allows ReRoof USA to form panels at virtually any length while reducing shipment cost and clutter on the jobsite. ReRoof USA can also be trusted to replace gutter systems, wall panels, and add insulation as well. ReRoof USA is the best option to offer a quality roof for the most economical prices and the ability to provide the longest weather tight warranties in the industry.


    “Our goal is to provide owners with a long lasting, low maintenance roof system for a competitive price” Chris Pearson, President of ReRoof USA

    “Reroof USA will take the necessary time in planning your project so that we will disrupt your customers, tenants, and employees as little as possible.” Andy Sullivan, ReRoof USA Sales and Project Manager


    Reroof USA

    1836 Carrollton Villa Rica Hwy

    Suite 111

    Villa Rica, GA




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