Supply Side USA Announces Distribution Agreement of DaVinci Locks (Partnership with 10 Federal)


    Brunswick, OH, May 29, 2021 –(– Supply Side USA announced immediate availability of DaVinci Locks®, which enable contactless rentals and remote overlock releases. “The moment I heard about DaVinci Locks, I knew Supply Side needed to provide this new product to our customers,” said Ibrahim Shamsi, Executive Vice President at Supply Side USA.

    The DaVinci Lock System allows properties to do contactless rentals and remote overlock releases. It uses a standard combination lock that has an encrypted serial code engraved on the side of it. Using the DaVinci software, any manager can decrypt the serial code and deliver the combination to the overlocked renter who can remove the overlock on their own.

    Customer Response
    Many customers have already benefited from using DaVinci Locks. Storage HQ, a self-storage company, recently committed to deploying DaVinci Locks to their facility.

    “We utilize Davinci locks on all of the units in our facility. We are running StorEdge as a management system and the integration between the two is seamless,” said Josh Montgomery, Storage HQ. “Our customers appreciate the ease of use.”

    The Davinci Lock System works with several management systems including Sitelink, StorEdge and Easy Storage.

    Business Demand
    Currently, there are over 700 self-storage companies currently using DaVinci Locks.

    “It is not just for unmanned facilities,” said Brad Minsley, 10 Federal. “Manned facilities benefit because customers can retrieve codes on their own which means the manager does not need to spend time taking off overlocks during the workday and customers can take locks off after hours when a manager is not available.
    DaVinci has API integration with Sitelink, StorEdge and Easy Storage.”


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