The Growing Uses of Self Storage in London


    With the growing popularity of self storage in London many people are find evermore inventive uses for their self storage units. Whilst the majority of Londoners are still using storage for the main reason it was first created to, to store their stuff, a growing number inventive folk are finding all sorts of other clever uses for their storage units. One of the most common examples of innovative self storage use is to use it as a place from which to run a business. With no rates or utility bills, self storage units can prove to be an excellent base for your businesses. And now that property in London has reached its highest asking prices for over 4 years, many people are turning to self storage units as a replacement for the traditional home office – enabling them to free up more living space in their home. Home office users aren’t the only type of small businesses to be making the best of storage rental through. With no need for a physical store front online businesses are also perfectly suited to self storage, with plenty of space for both storage and administration and overheads all taken care of with just one monthly bill, making budgeting simple. It’s not just SMEs that have got the bug either, budding musicians are catching on to the many uses of storage too. With 24 hours access and no neighbors to annoy self-storage units make an ideal place to meet up for band practice. Not only does this remove the worry of where you’re meeting up each week storage units also means you can leave your instruments locked up in a secure location too. As an added bonus many units also provide great acoustics to, so much so indeed that rock band Mohair actually recorded one of their 2006 tracks at Safestore Self Storage in London which was highly acclaimed due to its unique tone. It seems the open space of an empty unit also provides the ideal workout space too – with self storage units also providing a home for everyone – from boxers and bodybuilders right through to ballerinas and street dance crews. Just an hour’s drive outside London, at the Reading branch of Safestore, you’ll even find fully operating mixed martial arts gym being run from a self storage facility. So there you have it, in a city where space is hard to come by, self storage appears to providing the answer in many people’s problems – it’s no longer seen as just somewhere to hoard your stuff.]]>


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