The NEW 2014 Self-Storage Almanac Supplement Is Now Available!


    10Year CoverThe 2014 Self-Storage Almanac Supplement covers a 10-year span of occupancy and rental rate data. Presented in chart format, the data included is derived from past issues of the Self-Storage Almanac, a trusted resource for self-storage operators in making educated business decisions based on market-specific research. Tables and charts include:

    • National Occupancy (10 Years)
    • Regional Occupancy (10 Years)
    • Occupancy by Market Area (10 Years)
    • Occupancy Excluding Facilities in Rent-Up (10 Years)
    • National Rental Rates (10 Years)
    • Regional Rental Rates (10 Years)
    • Urban Rental Rates (10 Years)
    • Suburban Rental Rates (10 Years)
    • Rural Rental Rates (10 Years)
    • Commercial Rental Rates (6 Years)
    • Heavy Industrial Rental Rates (6 Years)
    • National Tenant Mix (10 Years)
    10 Years of Data is Only &74.95! Click Here to Order Your Copy The 2014 Self-Storage Almanac Supplement]]>


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