Top 10 Things You Should Never Put in Storage


    1. Last winter’s snowball collection– Sure, you were overprepared for last year’s neighborhood snowball fight, but you should have known any leftover ammo was better off for post-fight sno-cones. 2. Emergency insulin supply – Hey, we get it, it’s not something you want to lose, but unless you plan on spending most of your time hanging out outside your storage unit, try your pocket or purse. 3. Overperforming houseplants – You wanted your home office to be a jungle, but a couple of large ferns started taking over the room. Unfortunately, as fast and furious as these plants grew, you’re only serving them a death sentence by confining them to a darkroom. 4. Backup toilet paper – Trust us, cleaning up the bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing the essentials. 5. The homeless guy you felt sorry for on the corner – Sometimes the great outdoors will do just fine. 6. Class B fireworks – You want to ring in July 4th with a bang, but there’s something a bit unnerving about stocking an entire storage unit with the same size fireworks they use to light up downtown. 7. Wedding cake leftovers – It’s a moment (and a dessert) you’d like to treasure forever, but when you see your romantic memories reduced to a pile of ants and sugar, you might change your mind. 8. The Hope Diamond – Security is always a top priority, but when you’re trying to secure something worth $250 millio– wait a second, how did you get your hands on this anyway?? 9. Your Troll Doll collection – Seriously, just get rid of them. Nobody cares anymore, and they will never be the next Tickle Me Elmo craze. 10. Deer – You just went hunting and killed your first deer. Now you plan to mount the head and process the rest for meat. While many storage units offer climate control to keep a constant room temperature, nobody said a storage unit is a deep freezer. Find a deep freezer instead. (Appeared Originally at]]>


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