USC Cycling Team Rolls On


    Simply, they would not be denied. Not by the elements, and not by others.

    They raced in the sun, the wind, the snow and the deep Colorado cold, under the USC flag 110 times this season, the second year Universal Storage Containers, LLC, backed the Colorado-based cycling team. USC is a portable storage container company.

    “This season saw tougher conditions across the board than the last for us, but I’m proud of the way our riders came out every weekend, rain or shine, freeze or thaw,” said Rod Bolls, the team’s manager and Universal Storage Container, Vice President.

    The squad, dubbed simply USC Cycling Team, picked up where it left off last season with a strong showing. In the 2013 campaign the team raced 110 times, earned 40 top 10s, eight top-three finishes and two wins.

    “Our individual results were solid, and that helped us in the team classification, which is something we value highly here. It’s a very competitive state,” Bolls said.

    The USC team took first place in the men’s 35+3 category this cyclocross season and 8th in the 35+ team category. The squad also enjoyed racing in the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships in Boulder, Colorado, where the team is based.

    “It allowed us all to come out and compete late in the season against top talent and fly the USC banner high,” Bolls said. “I can only hope next season sees our momentum continue.”

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