Use Digital Marketing to Compete in Today's Online Market


    Invest in Content Marketing One of the more effective ways to get consumers to notice your website is to create content on your website. For starters, write informative content for the pages of your website that describe your business, products, and services. This is the content that consumers will most likely visit when they first land on your website, as they’ll want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Include information like the different unit sizes you offer and what items they can hold, what moving supplies you have for new tenants, how storage leases work, etc. From there, you might consider adding a blog to your website, where you can post regularly about the self storage industry, advice for storage tenants, and so on. Just be sure that your blog posts do these three things: • Answer Consumer Questions: Since consumers online are often looking for answers to questions they have, creating content around common storage questions may bring more storage consumers to your site. Not to mention, the more you answer their questions, the more they’ll begin to see you as a go-to expert. • Stay Relevant to Storage: If the content you’re writing isn’t relevant to the self storage industry, there’s a chance consumers will stop coming to your website for information. • Add to the Conversation: A big aspect of being found online has to do with adding value to the conversation online. That means your content should be at the forefront of discussing new ideas rather than taking old ideas and rehashing them week after week. Invest in Search Engine Optimization An important aspect of making your website more visible is investing in search engine optimization (SEO). Through SEO, you can give your storage facility website a better chance at being found more often in search engine results. There are some general rules you need to abide by, however, to get the most out of SEO: • Play Nice with Google: Google is the leading search engine used by consumers today. Because of this, businesses online need to follow Google’s rules in order to make their way up search engine results without penalties. Avoid black-hat SEO techniques like buying and selling links, hidden content, duplicate content, and link farming. • Value What Goes on Your Website: Make sure everything you put on your website adds value for site visitors, as search engines want to give their users the best results. Whether it’s the content you create or the way you structure your navigation, each piece of your website plays a role in helping your website be seen as valuable. Effectively competing for the attention of consumers online doesn’t have to be difficult. By taking the time to assess your online needs, creating high-quality content, and utilizing search engine optimization, your storage facility will have the chance to get seen by more people online, including potential tenants.]]>


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