Warm Storage Units Debuts at ISSA Show in Las Vegas


    Warm Storage Units, a division of Temperature Retention Systems, Inc. unveiled its patent-pending Weatherization & Temperature Retention Systems and Door Curtains to the attendees of the ISSA Show in Las Vegas last week. According to Jim Ciaciuch, the company’s president, Warm Storage Units manufacture’s and distributes weatherization and temperature retention systems and door curtains for the self-storage industry. The technology of our weatherization systems and door curtains eliminates heat loss through the typical self-storage building envelope consisting of the front walls and roll-up doors. While looking for ways to reduce energy costs at his own self-storage facility (www.DeerParkSelfStorage.com) Ciaciuch developed a way to reduce energy costs and eliminate air flow and dust penetration into his self-storage units by creating a “door curtain” that sits right behind the roll-up door of a storage unit. The innovative technology of Warm Storage Units and Temperature Retention Systems was energy modeled and confirmed by Marky Moore, the president of Capital Review Group of Phoenix Arizona. Moore stated “Congratulations as your technology looks like a winner and we wish you continued success with this important technology impacting the self-storage building envelope most positively”. Marky Moore is also a previous article contributor to InsideSelfStorage. Warm Storage Units received such an incredible response from the attendees of the show that it confirmed the need for speeding up its manufacturing processes in order to meet the attendee demands. Current production of their weatherization door curtain product is already backed up thru June 2012 for the Warm Storage Units product. Also mentioned at the ISSA show, was a Cool Storage Units product that enables heat to be kept out of a storage unit for storage facilities in the warmer climates and sunbelt states, which is set to come out later in 2012. Whether trying to reduce energy costs, eliminate heat loss or stop air flow through roll-up doors and front walls, Warm Storage Units has some innovative products to help self-storage facilities. For more information on Warm Storage Units, please visit www.warmstorageunits.com or call (877) 670-WARM. For more information on Temperature Retention Systems, Inc. please visit www.temperatureretentionsystems.com or call]]>


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