Wired Versus Wireless: Choosing Individual Door Alarms For Your Facility By Elizabeth Ferrin


    In the world of self-storage, security sells. Many owners and operators have seen that an investment in a high-tech security system translates directly into more rentals and more profit. When selecting state-of-the-industry security features, individual door alarms often top self-storage owners and operators’ wish lists. They give customers an added feeling of safety and are relatively easy to include in a self-storage development or upgrade project. However, choosing the right door alarm can be tricky. Owners and operators must weigh all the options to decide between wired and wireless systems. Looking at the pros and cons of both styles is the key to making the right choice in this “alarming” decision.

    Wireless Pros And Cons

    Taking a close-up look at the pros and cons of wireless systems is a good place to start. Since cables are not being run, wireless alarms are almost always the system of choice for those upgrading or retrofitting self-storage stores. “If you have an existing facility, it’s more practical to go with wireless,” says Glen Gilmore, vice president of Envirocom, Inc., based in Houston, Texas. “It offers more flexibility.”

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