XPS Press Release


    Richardson, TX – February __, 2015: XPS Solutions is innovating yet again, and has launched a new Competitive Market Audit program. The XPS Marketing Team has been hard at work conducting Self-Storage Market Research Audits in a variety of areas, and is making the data discoveries available to self-storage proprietors for free. Independent site owners will now have the opportunity to access valuable R&D findings specific to their facility. The market data will help site owners know if their marketing strategy is actually translating to rental conversions, and how their self-storage site directly compares to the competition. In addition to the launch of this comprehensive audit program, XPS is continuing to provide turn-key solutions for site owners looking to grow their self-storage business. With their state-of-the-art Centralized Sales and Support Center, XPS is able to provide complete call, web lead, live chat, and pay-by-phone coverage, while minimizing cost and maximizing quality. One of the newest ways XPS is helping independent self-storage proprietors increase show and rental rates is through Prospect Conversion, a program that provides a unique system where every prospect gets followed up on, no matter what. “We’ve discovered that most independent self-storage sites don’t have a follow-up strategy,” says Michael Roberts, Executive VP of Business Development and Operations at XPS Solutions. “Considering low incredibly competitive this industry is, that’s shocking.” John Traver, CEO of XPS Solutions, goes on to add, “The fact is, one and done selling doesn’t work most of the time. In order to get your share of the market, you have to be following up with your prospects. If you don’t, you’re leaving rentals on the table for your competitors.” The Prospect Conversion program leverages professional contact systems to capture self-storage shoppers that are not a first call or visit close and increase rentals. To support the launch of these latest XPS programs and solutions, XPS has created a brand new website that can be found at www.xpsusa.com. Self-storage site owners are now able to submit their general company information via this website to find out their qualifying status for access to free site-specific Competitive Market Audit findings. For more information, visit www.xpsusa.com, or contact Michael Roberts (mroberts@xpsusa.com; 972.865.4312) with specific inquiries.]]>


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