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The Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is the industry's one-stop online marketplace for information on vendors servicing all aspects of the self-storage industry. We are a large industry and it is impossible to keep an inventory on all vendors ... so let the education experts at MiniCo Publishing handle that for you. Self-storage owners, operators, managers, and vendors alike can search for local or national companies and vendors to work with and contact them with no middle-man, unlike other directory and vendor locator databases. True to our primary charter of educating the industry, the Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is there to educate visitors as to who the Top Self-Storage Vendors are and give them multiple points of contact to facilitate vendor/buyer connections. Our list of vendors and vendor categories is always growing and if a need arises for information on a particular category that is not representing in our list, please let us know and we’ll get to work gathering data on vendors for you.

Auctions, Online Auctions, & Lien Sales Services

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BC Cole Auctioneers

BC Cole Auctioneers has been providing storage lien sale auctions and lock cut services for over 220 storage facilities in Arizona for 26 years. Bill Cole is a founding member of the board of directors for the Arizona Self Storage Association and was awarded the pioneer award in 2010.

iBid4Storage Inc. is a global online marketplace for self-storage auctions. The company's platform enables storage owners and operators to sell their delinquent units on a public medium in an effective and timely manner. Call today so they can show you how to recover your losses and turn your bad debt liability into assets.

855 402-4243
(844) 424-3669
Late2Lien, LLC

Late2Lien is the turnkey solution for automating the Late through Lien Sale process. Powered by the requirements and timelines outlined in each state’s statute, Late2Lien provides an all-encompassing, fully-automated, easy-to-use system for accurately completing each step along the way. Contact us today for more information!

(513) 204-9633

Lockerfox provides industry-leading features and cutting-edge technology to make your online storage auctions successful. The company is focused on bringing true innovation to the industry. Lockerfox connects local bidders with your auctions on the web to create the fastest, easiest to use online storage auction platform in the industry. Call  today to learn more.

(704) 251-0644 is the leading online self-storage auction platform covering all North America. Our user-friendly platform provides the best debt recovery for delinquent units in an effective timely manner. Working with top notch marketing and customer service goes above and beyond to provide the best bidder outreach for every auction to ensure the best outcome for your auctions. Call us today to speak with our top of the line sales team to get an in depth look at what has to offer for your company and turn the liability into the debt recovery.

(480) 900-8350
StorageTreasures.Com is the industry leader in providing online auction services to independent self storage owners, and public owned storage conglomerates throughout North America. The site proudly services over 7,400 self-storage facilities, and supports over 900,000 registered bidders. To date, over 300,000 online auctions have been conducted proficiently, securely, and expeditiously. In January of 2015, OpenTech acquired a majority stake in Storage Treasures with plans to expand the brand into new markets.

Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik P.C.

Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik P.C. represents self-storage property owners and management companies in preparing lease agreements and outlining loss control measures. The firm also handles actions on behalf of owners for the eviction of tenants and defends owners and managers against tenant claims and personal injury suits.

(404) 364-4626