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The Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is the industry's one-stop online marketplace for information on vendors servicing all aspects of the self-storage industry. We are a large industry and it is impossible to keep an inventory on all vendors ... so let the education experts at MiniCo Publishing handle that for you. Self-storage owners, operators, managers, and vendors alike can search for local or national companies and vendors to work with and contact them with no middle-man, unlike other directory and vendor locator databases. True to our primary charter of educating the industry, the Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is there to educate visitors as to who the Top Self-Storage Vendors are and give them multiple points of contact to facilitate vendor/buyer connections. Our list of vendors and vendor categories is always growing and if a need arises for information on a particular category that is not representing in our list, please let us know and we’ll get to work gathering data on vendors for you.

Internet & Online Services

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Automatit Inc

Automatit is a full-service website development firm specializing in self-storage websites. Our services include website development, hosting, application development, and search engine marketing and optimization.

(520) 293-4608
B² Interactive

B² Interactive is a web design, SEO, and local search optimization firm serving businesses nationwide. B² Interactive specializes in helping businesses build cost-effective transactional marketing websites that are found more often with higher placement inorganic local search and map results among popular search engines like Google, Yahoo,and Bing. B² Interactive serves self storage clients large and small, from single facility owners to operators/managers with dozens to hundreds of locations.

402-932-9990 is a leading provider of Internet Marketing that dedicates to learning the nuances of individual industries to deliver the highest quality products and services well suited for you and your potential customers. focuses on promoting the web presence of our customers through Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Marketing backed by the 35 years of combined and extensive Self Storage management experience.

888 894-0422
(954) 800-5175
Inside Self-Storage Store

An online store that provides on-demand insight and education for all professionals of the self-storage industry. Products include DVDs, books, on-demand video, digital magazines, manager-training courses, guidebooks and more.

(480) 990-1101
List Self Storage (List)

List Self Storage (List) provides an online platform for those looking to buying and selling self-storage facilities, development land and conversion opportunities. In addition to property listings, it offers a business directory that provides investors and/or business owners information on vendors and brokers who can help them succeed in the industry.


Lockerfox provides industry-leading features and cutting-edge technology to make your online storage auctions successful. The company is focused on bringing true innovation to the industry. Lockerfox connects local bidders with your auctions on the web to create the fastest, easiest to use online storage auction platform in the industry. Call  today to learn more.

(704) 251-0644
Self Storage Manager (E-SoftSys)

Self Storage Manager – Comprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators, with a suite of other modules including fully integrated CRM, Online Payment, Reservations & Rentals, QlikView Business Intelligence and Analytics Interface Kiosk interface, Mobile Websites, XPS, G5 Integration, iPad/Tablet applications, and more. E-SoftSys offers 24x7 customer support and provides over 300 Training Videos to customers.”

800 469-1740
(800) 469-1740
Self-Storage Talk

The self-storage industry's largest online forum and community. Users can post comments, ask questions, share information, and interact with industry peers. Membership is free. Forum topics are limitless and cover items such as daily management challenges, corrections, marketing, legal issues, dealing with tenants, and much more.

(480) 990-1101

storEDGE® is a technology company that offers the only end-to-end solution in self storage. By providing innovative software, modern websites, online rental tools, cloud access control, and additional integrated services, we give your business the competitive edge you need to boost rentals and maximize profits. Created specifically for the self storage industry, our professional team is dedicated to your brand. Together, our experience in online marketing and our knowledge of the industry is what makes our technologies - and your storage brand - succeed.

(913) 954-4110
Union RealTime

Union RealTime is the premier source for data, analytics, and location intelligence for the self-storage industry. Their Pay-Per-Use Platform, Radius, enables all participants in the industry to access the comprehensive data and analysis for any location in the U.S.

(646) 883-9427 offers a shop-and-compare marketplace for self storage consumers with over 7,000 member facilities. helps storage facilities, large or small, compete more effectively online. Including your facility in our online marketplace will add your facility on & for additional exposure.

866 880-0742
(402) 898-1110
XPS Solutions, Ltd.

The XPS Business Center is a lead conversion enterprise that handles not only phone calls from prospects, but also supports live chat sessions and Web forms on client websites.XPS has evolved from a basic call center into a lead conversion, full-service centralized sales and support center. XPS also provides payment processing and Web marketing solutions for independent owners that integrate with most site management systems.XPS drives new revenue to self-storage facilities with the company’s Lead Connect™ solution, an incentive-based marketing solution that makes individual properties stand out and conversions of leads to rentals increase. The system is designed to convert both website and phone leads into property tours.

866 877-8673
(972) 783-6468