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The Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is the industry's one-stop online marketplace for information on vendors servicing all aspects of the self-storage industry. We are a large industry and it is impossible to keep an inventory on all vendors ... so let the education experts at MiniCo Publishing handle that for you. Self-storage owners, operators, managers, and vendors alike can search for local or national companies and vendors to work with and contact them with no middle-man, unlike other directory and vendor locator databases. True to our primary charter of educating the industry, the Self-Storage Buyer's Guide is there to educate visitors as to who the Top Self-Storage Vendors are and give them multiple points of contact to facilitate vendor/buyer connections. Our list of vendors and vendor categories is always growing and if a need arises for information on a particular category that is not representing in our list, please let us know and we’ll get to work gathering data on vendors for you.


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EarthKind, LLC

EarthKind products provide easy-to-use ways to get rid of pests and prevent them from returning, with nothing but a pleasant scent left behind.
They’re an effective solution to get rid of storage pests, rodents, and odors, made exclusively of botanical fibers and oils sourced from American farms, our products are manufactured by us here in the USA.
EarthKind products are safe to use around children and pets and contain absolutely no poisons, harmful chemicals or residues. EarthKind products are 100% guaranteed effective or your money back. Try them – and see just how effective they can be!