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Why is Thinking About the Future So Important for Self-Storage Owners?

The Transition from Manual to Automatic Operations in Self-Storage Like the automobile industry making the transition from manual to automatic transmissions, to even self-driving cars, the self-storage industry is advancing to support its customers' evolving needs and demands. According to CarMax, a whopping 96% of Americans drive automatic vehicles today....
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Storelocal Hercules – Build to Stand Out

As the demand for self-storage grows, so does the number of buildings popping up that often look like a general variation of the same design plan, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to build something that uniquely stands out. We sat down with Ryan Lorenzini, Director at the Claremont...
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Is It Time for a Self-Storage Renovation?

How To Assess and Plan for Renovations at Your Self-Storage Facility As any facility owner knows, it’s essential not to take sales for granted. If left unattended for too long, a booming business could soon become a bust. We’ve listed the ways to determine if your self-storage facility needs renovations...
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AZSA 23rd Annual Conference & Trade Show and Golf Tournament

Register for Hotel Here Member Rate - Regular admission is $230 until 2/11/23 February 15-16, 2023 23rd Annual Arizona Self-Storage Conference & Trade Show Register Here! for the Conference/Trade Show February 14, 2023 AZSA's Annual Golf Tournament Register Here! Golf Tournament Amy Amideo Executive Director E: azsa@azselfstorage.org  P: (602) 374-7184 www.AZSELFSTORAGE.org...
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4 Lessons the Self-Storage Industry Can Learn From Big Brands

Remember when you thought the best instant photos were Polaroids and Sears was the only place to buy appliances? And it wasn’t too long ago when we shopped for the snazziest games at Toys R’ Us and cruised around in Saturns. Most of us recall when we thought a company...
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The Truth about Self-Storage Lead Aggregators

Over the last decade, the self-storage industry has witnessed the rise and fall of several specialized lead aggregation websites. While some aggregators continue to be extremely successful, others have left storage operators dissatisfied and disillusioned. These contrasting experiences have given these types of websites a confusing reputation. Upon entering the...
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Owning Your Stress For Success

It’s no secret that today’s work environment is stressful. With our current economy, labor force, and global supply chain, it’s not been easy. Businesses are dealing with an overload of responsibilities, and we are all feeling pinched to succeed. Customers are getting more and more impatient. Leaders are navigating through...
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A Global History of Access Control

Historians disagree about who created the first lock and key. Some say the Egyptians; others say the Greeks, Romans, Chinese…no one really knows. However, the history of access control and the locks that we use today to lock anything from chests to – you guessed it – self-storage facilities have...
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5 Reasons to Use Accounting Software for Your Self Storage Business

Tracking your self storage facility's cash flow can be daunting, but 64% of business owners do their own bookkeeping anyway. Most self storage facility owners use some sort of cloud-based accounting software to take much of the time-consuming work out of bookkeeping and staying organized. Accounting software is a helpful...
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Three Considerations for Automation in Your Self-Storage Facility

“Automation” has been a buzzword in the self-storage industry for quite some time. But, with so many options out there, it can be hard to identify which tools to use and which business areas need the tools the most. The possibilities are overwhelming! Whether you’re new to the self-storage world...
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21 Self Storage Marketing Ideas for Owners & Operators

Self storage is a great business to be in. In fact, 2020 data shows that nearly 1 in 10 households has a storage unit because they’re reducing clutter, have limited space, or just have a small home. Regardless, the market is on fire. Of course, there’s an elephant in the...
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All About Bluetooth Low Energy

Since its inception in the mid-1990s, Bluetooth technology has evolved into an effective application for use in access control security. A large factor for this success can be attributed to the astronomical growth of smartphone usage in the last decade, providing a Bluetooth-enabled medium for access control proximity readers to...
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Why Your Self Storage Facility Needs an Integrated Payment System

Electronic Payment Options Transform the Self Storage Industry Businesses in every industry are making the move to electronic payment options, and self storage is no different. The modern consumer base prefers online and digital payments because they are easy, fast, and secure. The storage industry professionals at 6Storage have the...
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Running 100 Miles Is a Lot Like Starting a Business

There are some things that are commonly considered off limits, if not crazy. Things like running 100 miles or starting a business, for example, are not for everyone. Ultramarathoners and entrepreneurs possess an extraordinary amount of optimism, courage, and flexibility, which sets them apart. They stay positive through the pain...
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Self Storage Consultancy 101: What a Self Storage Consultant Does and Why You Need One

Occupancy rates and rents at self storage facilities are at record highs, drawing investors and entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities. However, owning and operating a self storage facility comes with risks, so it’s always a good idea to bring a self storage consultant on board. While hiring a self storage...
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Self-Storage Demand Rises as Sales of Boats and RVs Soar

Call it cause and effect.  Call it the sign of the times.  But it’s happening.  Sales of boats and recreational vehicles hit new highs last year.  In the wake of the pandemic, Americans are once again taking to the open road and waterways around the country.  That’s great news for...
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Social Media Content Ideas for Self Storage Facilities

Increase Self Storage Facility Occupancy with Social Media Strategy   Social Media is one of the best ways to reach your target market. But as a business owner, you are already wearing so many hats. So how do you add social media marketing to your to-do list? Having a solid strategy...
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Capital Expenses, What to Include in Your Plan and Budget

Demand for storage and profit potential is certainly a driving force behind the growth of the self storage industry, but there’s another reason everyone wants in on the action: Most self storage facilities have relatively low capital expenditures (capex). Compared to office and retail space, it doesn’t take as much...
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Janus Launches Revolutionary Smart Keypad for Self-Storage with Graphic Display

The All-New, Nokē® Screen by Janus boasts an all-in-one design, graphic display screen, and three modes of access TEMPLE, GA—(April 18, 2022)— Janus International Group, Inc. (NYSE: JBI) (“Janus” or the “Company”), a leading provider of cutting-edge access control technologies and building product solutions for the self-storage and other commercial and...
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Dealing with Dead Zones: Maximize Rentals Using Relocatable Units

WHAT IS A DEAD ZONE? Take a look around your self-storage facility and ask yourself: “How much unproductive land do I own?” The majority of self-storage facilities contain a percentage of land that can’t be developed through traditional means. Prohibitive costs, building restrictions, and tight footprints are all factors that...
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