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Industry Trade Shows – There to Help You

  NPSA Welcomes MS-SA and SSA Members By John Finnessy, CMP We have all witnessed significant change this year, with more to come. Reduced revenue, excess capacity, budget cutbacks, and shifts in the supply chain have caused us all to rethink our businesses. One means for helping us make the...
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The REAL Truth About E-mail Marketing

The REAL Truth About E-mail Marketing By Derek M. Naylor One of my friends and mentors often relates effective e-mail marketing to Chinese Water Torture. And I believe he’s right … Never heard of Chinese Water Torture? Here’s a quick rundown before I get to my point. I promise it...
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Eight Costly Storage Marketing Mistakes Which Ones Are You Committing?

  By Derek M. Naylor We all make mistakes. They’re part of life and learning. Hopefully, when you make a mistake you learn the lesson quickly and move on. Somebody much wiser than me once said average people learn from their own mistakes, but exceptional people learn from mistakes of...
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Will The Bailout Trickle Down To Self-Storage?

The jury is still out on the effects of the $700 billion federal rescue package aimed at freeing up credit for businesses and homeowners. But the sheer volume of the package should make itself felt during 2009. The question for self-storage owners/operators is the old WIIFM—what’s in it for me?...
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Eight Fresh Tips: Cutting The Fat From The Budget

By Jennifer LeClaire With an uncertain economy and a new year just around the corner, it’s time to look at how and where you are spending money—and cut some of the fat from the budget. After all, that old cliché “a penny saved is a penny earned,” is a cliché...
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7 Rules For Making Your Web Site Sing

By Jennifer LeClaire So, you finally invested in a Web site. Now what? Whether you just launched an online presence or you’ve had one for years, it’s time to take a fresh look at your Web initiatives. Are you really making the most of your Web site? Or, is it...
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Tips to Lock Out Your Competition

By Jennifer LeClaire Competition is a fact of business life. But what if you could lock out your competition—or at least rise above them? You can, if you follow the advice of industry gurus who have been watching the industry evolve—and even leading the revolution—for decades. From foundations that every...
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Seven Ways to ‘Squeeze the Lemon’ During an Economic Downturn

  Smart Self-Storage Operators Manage Revenues and Expenses During uncertain economic times like these, self-storage operators look for ways to cut expenses and add revenue to get them through the downturn. But what are the most effective methods? Cut staff? Self-storage typically employs small staffs, so this isn’t always practical....
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Golden Opportunities

  Will Retiring Baby Boomers Find Second Careers in Self Storage? Did you know that 2008 marks the first year that baby boomers can retire early and collect Social Security? As a matter of fact, there are an estimated three million of that generation turning 62 this year. This wave...
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