3 Ways to Increase Your Self-Storage Curbside Appeal

Maintaining the visual appeal of your self-storage facility is imperative. If the building looks like it is dirty or falling apart from a distance, you are going to be pushing away paying customers. No owner wants this, but you also do not want to end up spending thousands of dollars just to improve the look of your facility. Here are few things you can try that can liven up and increase the curbside appeal of your self-storage facility.


The easiest thing you can do that will also yield the highest visual change to your facility is to apply a fresh coat of paint. If there is paint chipped or peeling away in some areas of the facility, this new coat will revitalize your facility and help make it appear newer.
Do not be afraid of being adventurous with your paint as well. Colors can liven up your building’s atmosphere, just make sure to pick colors that play well with each other and don’t end up clashing.


Depending on your facility, you may or may not have a lot of room for landscaping. But regardless of your available space, you have room for greenery somewhere. Make the outside of your facility cozy and attractive. Flowers, shrubs and trees are all visually appealing and adaptable to lots of any size.

If you live in an environment not suited for grass or some types of vegetation, do a small amount of research to find out what local plants are suitable and won’t require much upkeep.


General upkeep is just as important as any renovation you can make. Check and make sure your pavement does not have potholes; if it does, get them filled. See if there are any weeds growing anywhere in your facility and eliminate them. Lastly, look at that banner you have out hanging by the nearest street. How is it faring? If it looks worn out, replace it with a new one and try to bring it in during bad weather to help with its longevity.

Try to improve these items to improve your facility’s curbside appeal and keep customers coming in, not turning away.


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