Guest Post: How To Get Rid Of Moving Boxes After Move?

Moving boxes help a lot in organized and planned move. There are numerous types of moving boxes, each typically designed for specific packing. Prominent ones include:

1. Book Boxes – Come designed as small cartons which can be used for packing books, records, CD’s, and canned goods.

2. Legal Tote – Made to carry files and folders.

3. Medium Size Boxes – Designed for carrying items which are moderately heavy but non-fragile, e.g. pots, linen, folded clothes etc.

4. Large Size Boxes – They are made to pack heavy articles like pillows, comforters and lamp shades. Size – 4.5 cubic feet,

5. Dish pack – For breakable items like dishes, vases, glasses and bone china.

6. Mirror or Picture box – Specifically designed for delicate mirrors and pictures.

7. Wardrobe box with metal bar – Comes equipped with a metal road to carry clothes easily carried, even over long distance moves.

8. Mattress Box – To keep your precious mattress stain free.

Then there are primer services to either hire or buy them, Moving Boxes London is one of them. It is true that moving boxes help to wind-up packing, but question stands about their use after you have unpacked. You’ll be surprised to know how much refuge can be generated with moving boxes. You don’t want to store them or just throw moving boxes right away. Here are some tips to put packing boxes to good use.

Sell & Earn – Many companies buy these moving boxes. Once you settle down and unpack everything, inquire about such companies. You might just get yourself a very good deal by selling these boxes. A simple Google search could list couples of companies in your vicinity.

Craigslist – It is a very popular online classified website. You can sale, exchange or give away moving boxes, while negotiating right price for them.

Donate – Believe it or not, there is a lot of potential use for moving boxes. They would be definitely needed somewhere. Just get in touch with your local library, NGO’s, schools and likes. You might be able to help someone, while getting rid of the boxes at the same time.

Send In For Recycle – You can send all your boxes for recycling. It is important that you make your relocation or move as earth friendly as possible. One thing that can greatly influence an environmental friendly move is buying or using eco friendly boxes like Moving boxes London.

Store For Future Use – If you move or relocate quite frequently, then it would be a good idea to store moving boxes for future use.

Hire a Moving Company – It comes with cost, yet it is more convenient and hassle free. Hiring full fledged services means you will not be arranging for the boxes and doing all the packing. The entire responsibility is shouldered by moving companies. To find out how they can take your property to the next level!

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