Janus Podcast, Episode 5: Joe Beatty of Tri-Village Self-Storage Talks Smart Locks and New Tech

About Tri-Village Storage:

As one of the founding members of Tri-Village Self-Storage located in Ohio, Joe Beatty has always been dedicated to the pursuit of creating a great customer experience. The level of detail that goes into each and every Tri-Village location elevates the act of self-storage from the mundane to the enjoyable. Another crucial element in Beatty’s strategy? Security. Listen along as we chat with Beatty about his beginnings in the storage industry, how Tri-Village stands out from the competition, and how the Nokē Smart Entry System from Janus International helps his team reach their goals.

Here are just a few clips from Beatty:

“The app is just as easy to use as you’d expect an app to be….Janus is doing things like Apple. Making the technology easy to use.”

“We’re installing the system at all of our new properties….a lot of that is based on tenant requests for the system, and a lot of our older tenants are the ones requesting [smart units].”

“We had 3 facilities open with Nokē installed in Fall and late Fall, and I had 3 managers that were able to pick up the system in less than a day. I was able to go on vacation in December and get zero calls about any of the facilities with the SecurGuard Nokē Smart Entry System. Definitely took one or two phone calls about issues with the other control system.”

“The first two facilities we opened this year had a competitor’s access management system that works with the SecurGuard…to be honest, those were a little bit of a struggle and we were still working out some bugs from their access control system at our other locations….”

My only wish was that we had Nokē about two months earlier because we could have installed it at our corporate headquarters. It would have saved us 21 miles of low-voltage cabling, and the implementation of the Janus Nokē SecurGuard Smart Entry System required about 20 – 30 hours less set-up time than those with the previous access control system.”


Janus Self Storage Technology Podcast with Tri Village Storage


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