OpenTech Alliance Expands Support of Charity Storage Operations for 2019

OpenTech Alliance Expands Support of Charity Storage Operations for 2019

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 5, 2019 – OpenTech Alliance has recommitted to their Charity Storage Angel Sponsorship at the $10,000 level for 2019. The company has supported Charity Storage since Robert Chiti, OpenTech Alliance Chairman & CEO acquired a majority stake in Storage Treasures January 2016. He now serves as Chair of the Charity Storage Board of Directors and has become a champion of the Charity Storage mission of giving back to the communities served by the self storage industry. OpenTech will continue to provide Charity Storage with technical support, website management, social media optimization, video production and administrative support.This assistance will enable Charity Storage to increase their marketing and outreach efforts to increase brand awareness, boost facility enrollments, increase auctions and encourage donors to seek out participating self storage facilities.

OpenTech Alliance is the leader in automation and call center services for the self storage industry. They help storage owners work smarter by increasing productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction with innovative technologies designed from the ground up for the self storage business. OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated kiosks, call center services and online renting, the INSOMNIAC brand has become an integral part of the self-storage industry. Their self-storage rental solutions increase revenues and improve customer convenience, while reducing operating costs and workload. For thousands of self-storage owners worldwide, OpenTech has become a place for reliable, around-the-clock support.

·     Self Service Kiosks
·     Call Center Services
·     Access Control
·     Security Monitoring
·     Billing & Collections
·     Online Rentals
·     Online Storage Auctions

The Angel, Sustaining and In-Kind Sponsorships enable Charity Storage to distribute 90% of all auction proceeds to other charities and make it possible for the non-profit to continue the necessary outreach to increase facility enrollments, enhance brand visibility & recognition, as well as to promote it to the public at large. This puts Charity Storage in an optimal position to continue to help the self storage industry to give back to the communities they serve through Charity Storage Auctions. 

To see the new website or learn more about the Charity Storage Giving Back Program, visit us at

About Charity Storage

Charity Storage is the Official Charity Partner of the Self Storage Association, and the first national self storage industry charity. Is is also a Charity Partner of the ISS World Expo, Storelocal and the NVSSA, as well as an Affiliate Member of the AZSA and the CSSA. Charity Storage enables self storage facilities to utilize existing resources to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. 90% of auction funds are disbursed to qualifying organizations.


The Charity Storage Giving Back Program is an opportunity for the self storage industry to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. Owners and managers designate a unit as the Charity Storage Unit, collect abandoned and donated items in the unit, and auction it off for charity. A Charitable Donation Receipt is provided for all donations.


When enrolled facilities sell the contents of their Charity Storage Unit in a live or online auction, the proceeds are then distributed quarterly to the Charity Chosen by the Facility (60%), Kure It Cancer Research (20%) and the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship Program (10%). There are over 230 prescreened charities available on the website, and more can be added if they meet the stated criteria. Charity Storage retains 10% to help cover administrative costs and is able to accomplish this through donations made to our Sponsorship Program by storage industry operators and vendors.


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Mariela Pattinson
Director, Marketing & Development
Charity Storage
(844) 945-3387
Federal Tax ID# 45-3253579

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