What Your Self-Storage Facility Needs on Its Website

There are many things you should have on your self-storage facility’s website. Some items go without question like your company name and information about the services you offer. However, there may be some very important items you are missing from your page. Let’s make sure you are not missing any of these key elements that could prevent a potential tenant from reaching out to you.

Contact Information

Do not bury your contact information or hide it behind a contact form. When someone comes to your website, they already may be looking for your information so they can give you a call. Make this hunt as easy as possible for your visitors.

Updated Content

If you have a blog or links to social channels located on your site, make sure those resources are updated. If you have a link to a blog that has not been updated in two or three years, you are going to make people wonder about the status of the rest of the information on your webpage. The same can be true of your social media channels.


It is generally a bad idea to have blocks of text on your website. Avoid overcrowding with text by adding appropriate images to engage the viewer’s interest. It is also a great idea to provide a photo gallery of your facility so the user does not have to visit in person just to see what your facility looks like.

Don’t Skip the Details

There are a lot of smaller details that may go unnoticed when you are creating or updating your website. Be sure to remember your branding. Your brand is really your identity, and you need to make sure it remains consistent across all the channels where people can find you. Along that line, compare the colors you are using on your site with your style guide and make sure you are using the proper ones.

The biggest takeaway is to make sure you are revising your site every so often to make sure it still reflects how you are doing business. Websites should not be static entities; they should be ever changing with fresh information.


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