One-Time Password Comes to Tenant Inc.’s B2C Website Platform


The new feature added to Mariposa will enhance security and convenience for tenants accessing their accounts.

We’re seeing this as a huge security enhancement for all the tenants at our customers’ properties since all of them have personally identifiable information tied to their accounts.”— Beth Austin, CMO, Tenant Inc.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 28, 2021 / — Tenant Inc., an innovation leader in self storage technology, is bringing one-time password integration to its branded website product, Mariposa. The new feature gives self storage tenants a simple and secure way to access their accounts.

One-time passwords are gaining popularity among e-commerce and retail sites, but Tenant Inc. is the first to bring this security feature to the self storage industry.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tenants access the account login page.
  2. They’ll be presented with a field to enter their phone number. After entering that phone number, they’ll receive a password via text message.
  3. They type in the password they received and they’re good to go. They’ll only ever use that password once; the next time they log in they’ll receive a new text with a new password.

As an added security measure, the password will only be valid for one minute before the tenant needs to request a new one.

Tenant Inc. took this approach to logins to improve the tenant experience accessing their account while also improving security. Tenants no longer have to remember a password or username to access their accounts. Their phone number becomes their username and a new six-digit password is sent to their mobile device via SMS every time they log in.

“We’re seeing this as a huge security enhancement for all the tenants at our customers’ properties since all of them have personally identifiable information tied to their accounts. At the same time, it also makes logging into their account extra convenient since they don’t have to remember yet another login,” said Beth Austin, chief marketing officer at Tenant Inc.

Customers using both of Tenant Inc.’s Hummingbird and Mariposa platforms will experience additional convenience features. The first time a tenant logs in to their account, Mariposa will recognize them as a tenant on Hummingbird and automatically link their storage spaces to their account.

The feature is available for all Tenant Inc. customers hosting their store website through Mariposa.

This is yet another advancement that Tenant Inc. is making in the self storage industry. Tenant Inc. was the first to bring online identity verification with facial recognition to the self storage industry, a technology that allows prospective tenants to verify their identity online using their phone and a government-issued ID. This technology allows for fully Touchless Rentals™ that don’t require tenants to ever step foot in an office to rent and start using their storage space.

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Tenant Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, California, develops real estate property technologies for a seamless user experience. Our open platform is designed to create customizable solutions through a suite of product offerings for storage operators, including innovative property management software, cutting-edge websites pioneering Touchless Rentals™, digital marketing services, and signage, Tenant Interface platform, and the self storage industry’s first and only global distribution system. At Tenant, technology and real estate are in our DNA. We call it renting reimagined.

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