Paul Schween, America’s Sales Satirist, combines hard hitting sales techniques with belly bursting laughter. Known for his uniquely irreverent style, he challenges sales people to reach their real potential by giving them practical and potent formulas that are proven to close more business.

After over 15 years of promoting and working with the most prolific sales trainer in the US, (including Tom Hopkins, Dennis Waitley, Tony Parinello, Jim Rohn, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy) Paul developed a knack for invigorating old tired sales techniques with a fresh perspective that empowers sales people to become more assertive in their approach. In 1996 Paul co-founded one of the premier seminar companies in the industry called Sales Teknologies which was dedicated entirely to sharing what he now calls, Industrial Strength Sales Strategies.

Once an underdog himself as a sales person; Paul has an indelible spirit to help bring out the best in people who aim high in life. Although playfully witty and sharp on stage, his softer side comes out when he’s in Phoenix with either his lovely wife Dawn, his six grandchildren, or as a heavily involved leader at his church. Because of his ability to connect, he has a track record of transforming under confident rookie sales people into powerfully high performing sales professionals.

Paul Schween has partnered with Mini-Storage Messenger to bring you multiple
educational products about sales within the self-storage industry including

Book – Serve More to Sell More: A Personal Blueprint for Building Self-Storage Sales

The first of its kind! A do-it-yourself sales study guide for owners and managers interested in building self storage sales. Design a sales strategy for your facility’s specific needs.
Serve More to Sell More: A Personal Blueprint for Building Self-Storage Sales walks you through detailed strategies to help you create your own personalized approach to building sales for your facility.

This is not your same old sales book, Paul Schween shares “dos,” “don’ts,” “how tos,” examples, techniques, step-by-step guidance, and specific exercises so you can craft your own, unique sales approach and confidently speak with prospects and clients to accelerate revenue.

Topics covered include:
Making the Initial Contact • Qualifying, Questioning and Probing • Developing Presentations • Approaching Objections and Excuses • Managing Objections and Excuses • Managing Closing • Upselling • Mastering Follow-Up • More!

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 Serve More To Sell More Educational Videos cover a variety of topics from presentations, managing objections, improving professional character, and the self-storage industry dilemma. These educational videos can be purchased individually in separate sets, or as one complete educational package.


Serve More To Sell More Complete Educational Package includes all eight videos to help you increase your numbers by learning to serve your customer needs better.  The full course covers handling objections, improving your professional character, sales presentations, and the self storage industry dilemma.

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The Objection package in Serve More To Sell More series is three videos that cover the most common types of objections excuses, contentious and inquisitive and how to combat them with key phrases,  while you keep in mind the varying personalities of your sales professionals and customers. You can buy them all together or separately.

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Serve More To Sell More Presentations educational video goes into how best to present your product to the customer to persuade them that it is the best on the market.

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The Professional Character video Collection in the Serve More To Sell More Series goes over how to improve your own professional character to push forward in your own career as well as helping your company grow. This three part video series is a must watch for any sales team.

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In this educational video Paul Schween dives into one of the major problems facing the self storage industry today, balancing advancing technology and automation with customer relations.

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Educational Articles

Look Who’s Talking Paul Schween – Author/Speaker/Trainer/Sales Professional

Professional Sales Study Guide Course

The PSSG is a self-study course designed to encourage sales people to reflect on their level of sales expertise and professionalism. The PSSG exercise contained on this coaching CD allow sales people to develop their approach in each critical area of the sales cycle. The following areas are closely scrutinized with numerous questions put forth by Mr. Schween in this unique PowerPoint Presentation with complimentary workbook and audio commentary. This Program is a must  for those new in sales, beginning a new position within an organization or any manager who wishes to focus their team on a comprehensive approach for cultivating effective techniques for success in the sales profession!

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