Self-Storage Revenue Bundle

2019 Self-Storage Revenue Bundle


Boost your bottom line with the Revenue Bundle! Learn how to increase sales, generate new revenue streams and maximize profits.  This discounted bundle includes four educational products developed by seasoned industry experts.

  • Self-Storage Management 101 Guidebook
    • Self-Storage Management 101 Guidebook discusses the importance of studying your competition, the art of upselling, and balancing occupancy and rental rates for maximum profits. You’ll also learn about effective management strategies such as hiring and firing employees, manager training, audits, site visits and much more.
  • Paul Schween Sales Study Guide
    • This study guide, developed by sales guru Paul Schween, features a course CD complete with PowerPoint Presentations, a workbook and audio. You’ll hear pointers and gain skills in prospecting, making successful first contacts, qualifying customers, giving effective presentations, overcoming objections, closing and much more.
  • 2018 Boat & RV Storage Development Handbook
    • How can you create new revenue by developing and offering storage solutions for RV and boat owners? In this handbook, you’ll find insight and guidance on finding the right site, site layout and mix, construction costs, design, insurance, financing, technology and much more.
  • Developing Specialty Storage
    • Many owners and operators are driving new revenue streams with specialty storage offerings such as wine storage, gun storage, mobile storage, RV & boat storage as well as incorporating safe deposit boxes, PO boxes, post office substations and much more into their facilities.

2019 Self-Storage Revenue Bundle

2019 Self-Storage Management 101 Guidebook

Self-storage revenue and management topics include:

  • Knowing your competition
  • Should you focus on occupancy rates, rental rates or profits?
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • How to upsell
  • Driving self-storage revenue with tenant insurance
  • Conducting audits and property visits
  • Options for self-storage management
  • How to hire and fire facility managers
  • What to do after you’ve hired a manager
  • The importance of management training

2018 RV & Boat Storage Development Handbook

Learn more about developing this lucrative line of business! Industry insiders discuss:

  • Industry overview
  • Finding the right site
  • Environmental studies
  • Site layout and unit mix
  • Construction costs
  • Design
  • Solar
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Doors
  • Amenities, products and services
  • Financing
  • Security
  • Technology and software
  • Much more!

Developing Specialty Storage

Learn about these unique self-storage revenue opportunities:

  • Wine storage
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • PO boxes
  • Postal substations
  • Robotic facilities
  • Gun storage
  • Mobile storage
  • Mixed-use facilities
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • RV & boat storage

Paul Schween Sales Study Guide

You’ll gain skills and learn more about:

  • Prospecting  Creating a referral base clientele, every technique from A to Z
  • Initial contact – First impressions that make and break opportunities
  • Qualifying/questioning/probing – Getting to the client’s story and selling to the need
  • Presentations Avoiding the data dump and getting clients emotionally involved
  • Handling objections/excuses – Knowing the difference and developing reliable user-friendly scripts for even the most difficult scenarios
  • Closing – How and when to strengthen or soften your most critical closing questions


Looking for self-storage trends, data and analysis? Check out our 2019 Self-Storage Almanac.


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