Arlen Nordhagen The Formation Of A Unique REIT


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From the numerous Native American tribes, each with its own unique origin and language, to the once plentiful wild buffalo that roamed the grasslands in herds, North Dakota is a state brimming with cultural history and rugged—yet picturesque—landscapes. While the state is the 19th most extensive in the U.S. when it comes to acreage, it is the country’s fourth least populous, with approximately 758,000 residents, of which approximately 30,000 are Native American, according to the 2016 Census.

Self-storage is sparse in North Dakota as well. According to the 2017 Self-Storage Almanac, only four states (Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont) and the District of Columbia have fewer self-storage facilities than North Dakota. Tied with Alaska with only 124 facilities and 6,491,648 rentable square feet, North Dakota is not likely to be remembered for its limited storage space.

By Erica Shatzer