June 2017: Mini-Storage Messenger


April  2017: Mini Storage Messenger

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Issue Summary

The June issue of Mini-Storage Messenger features a cover story on multi-story self-storage facilities as well as feature articles on ensuring that your website isn’t obsolete and products targeted at specialty storage customers.



Cover Story

Going Up!

The Evolution Of Multi-Story Storage Facilities

By Erica Shatzer

Construction & Development

It’s no secret that land is scarce and costly in urban areas, especially within retail areas of the desirable top 50 MSAs, and it’s an issue that self-storage developers will continue to face as they seek to develop new facilities in crowded cities with ever-increasing demand for storage. The limited land has forced many storage developers to build up rather than out – a trend that has become more common over the past decade. While a multi-story facility can be a practical solution, nowadays they require more ingenuity and planning than the original multi-story, big box storage sites.



Passé Pages

Is Your Website Obsolete?

By David Lucas


Following years of building and maintaining our websites, optimizing content, and flirting with ecommerce, some of us have been forced to face the ugly truth: Our websites have become virtually obsolete overnight. With nearly two-thirds of all Internet traffic to websites now being generated from smartphones and other mobile devices, a tragic number of websites have been labeled as mobile unfriendly.


Specialty Storage

20 Products To Meet Your Customers’ Needs

  1. Anne Ballard


How very interesting our industry has become. Gone are the days of drive-up only storage developments as we say hello to a multitude of specialty storage products and types such as wine storage, art storage, safe deposit boxes, gun cabinets, and enclosed RV/boat storage. Even amenities have gone upscale as we see an ever-changing landscape of services and products offered to customers that provide solutions to their plethora of storage needs and various uses.



Look Who’s Talking

Carlos Vizcarra – President Of AMERCO Real Estate Company (U-Haul International)

By Erica Shatzer

Look Who’s Talking

As the saying goes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Nevertheless, self-storage professionals should be doing all they can to meet the requirements of the law through ADA compliance and building on conveniently located sites within commercial retail or residential zones. Unfortunately, despite best efforts to provide proper accommodations, according to Carlos Vizcarra, president of AMERCO Real Estate Company, the wholly owned real estate subsidiary of the U-Haul System, all businesses – including self-storage – are at risk for ADA-related lawsuits. “The ADA is being abused,” he says. “Serial lawsuits are running rampant.”


Tuning Into The Millennial Market

How To Use YouTube For Self-Storage

By Samantha Nicole Traina

Self-Storage Trends

Millennials are addicted to the Internet. It is no secret that if you want to reach one of the largest consumer bases you need to have an Internet presence, whether that is through Facebook, Twitter, or just keeping up with the reviews people post on Yelp. But one major website could be the key to accessing the flighty millennial attention span: YouTube. There are many ways the self-storage industry could use YouTube to its advantage.


Southern New Hampshire

A Stable Secondary Market

By Sean T. Finnerty And Maggie Walsh

Markets On The Move

The Southern New Hampshire (SNH) region is located within the Greater Boston Combined Statistical Area, positioned along the northern border of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The SNH market consists of six counties and is home to approximately 84.1 percent of the state’s total population. In early 2017, the regional economy entered a period of expansion driven by record low unemployment rates, rapid labor force expansion, strong income growth, and favorable demographics.


Skydock: The Modern Marina

The Rise Of Urban Powerboat Ownership

By Mark Sullivan And Mark Price

Construction & Development

In some of America’s most developed and densely populated coastal cities, boat ownership can often be as stressful as it is rewarding. In these locations, the complexities caused by the increasing scarcity of boat slips and other docking options add to the time, energy, and anxiety of servicing and maintaining a vessel. But an innovation may reverse this outlook entirely. Enter Skydock, a high-rise facility capable of automated vertical storage and docking.


A Storage Owner’s Rights

When A Rental Truck Damages Their Facility

By Scott Zucker

Legally Speaking

The use of rental trucks is a common occurrence in the self-storage business. But, because renters are typically not accustomed to driving large vehicles, sometimes those drivers will unintentionally damage areas of a storage facility while visiting the property. Once that happens, the facility operator is left with the question, “Who’s going to pay for this?”


The Changing Portable Storage Industry

Accommodating A Growing Millennial Market

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Mobile Storage

If you’re tired of hearing about millennials – the generation born between 1981 and 1997 – and their impact on segments of the economy, including the portable storage business, you’re out of luck. The generation will be influencing business for a very long time. Millennials are looking for efficiencies and convenience, and they’re willing to pay for that service.


More Than Just Storage

New Facilities Have A Mixed-Use Component

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell



Self-storage industry development has seen a shift in recent years from building from the ground up to more conversions. As more cities are being built out and fewer pieces of land for commercial use remain, cities are also looking for ways to increase their sales tax base. This could mean good news for self-storage developers who are willing to agree to mixed-use developments.

The Last Word

Prospering While Managing Risk

Jeff Bass – SVP/Market Manager, National Self Storage Banking, TCF Bank



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