November 2016: Mini-Storage Messenger


November 2016: Mini Storage Messenger

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Issue Summary

The November issue of Mini-Storage Messenger features a cover story on Uncle Bob’s branding transition to Life Storage as well as feature articles on the 2016 Manager of the Year and the 2016 Top Operators.

Cover Story

Breathing New Life Into A Brand

Changing From Uncle Bob’s To Life Storage

By David Lucas


When Robert Attea, Sovran Self Storage Chairman of the Board, and other members of the board and management rang the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange on August 16th, it literally signaled the end of an era for the Buffalo real estate investment trust (REIT). It also marked the departure of a trusted but sometimes hamstrung brand name. Looking to breathe new life into its brand, Sovran ushered out Uncle Bob’s Self Storage and welcomed in Life Storage.



The Industry’s Finest

2016 Manager Of The Year

By Erica Shatzer

Management And Training

With a seemingly never-ending To Do list and the need for top-notch customer service skills, the position of self-storage manager is not a job for the faint of heart. MiniCo Publishing recognizes and rewards the best of the best through its annual Manager of the Year competition. The 2016 Manager of the Year winners are Danielle Rainey, Rusty Hill, and Cindy Cruz.


The 2016 Top Operators

Breaking Away From The Herd

By Erica Shatzer

Top Operators

There’s no denying that 2016 has been another incredible year for the self-storage industry. Following the momentum of 2015, the asset class continues to attract the attention of new lenders and investors from across the country. Indeed, many newcomers are chomping at the bit for a piece of the self-storage pie. At the same time, many veteran self-storage operators have begun to loosen the reins about purchases due to the scarcity of established Class-A properties within the top MSAs and are now more open to purchasing Class-B facilities within secondary markets. This year’s Top Operators list is compiled solely from information submitted in the annual survey and is based on total net rentable square feet.



Look Who’s Talking

Erin King – Executive Director Of The California Self Storage Association

By Erica Shatzer

Look Who’s Talking

Recently, the Self Storage Association (SSA) announced that Erin King, who has served as the executive director of the California Self Storage Association (CSSA) for more than a decade, would represent the SSA and devote a small portion of her time to the SSA’s initiatives. “This allows me to use some of my tenure to support other state associations without directors,” says King, whose efforts will be specific to each association and will include supporting legislative efforts and event planning.


It’s Raining Claims!

Obtaining Adequate Roof Insurance

By David Lucas

Financial Facts

The recent cycle of extreme weather has created havoc for residents, businesses, and insurance companies all over the country. Insurance companies have reported record losses, forcing some carriers to put limitations on certain kinds of coverage while others have stopped issuing storm policies altogether. It may be difficult or nearly impossible to secure adequate insurance in areas frequently hit by wind and hail; however, alternative policies are available to self-storage operators to keep them from being left out in the elements.


Good Vibes

Creating A Positive Workplace To Boost Profits

By Phillip M. Perry

Manager’s Notebook

Negative businesses have a tough time making money. Employees with bad attitudes tend to pull back and maximize job security rather than create innovative solutions to business problems. Even worse, customers feel unwanted and abandoned. You can avoid these costly matters by creating a positive environment in your own workplace.


Using ICC’s cdpACCESS

Building And Fire Codes Open To All

By Rob Neale

Property Protection

The International Code Council (ICC) code development process is open to everyone. The non-profit, U.S.-based ICC prides itself in an open and transparent process including an online, public-facing portal called cdpACCESS where anyone can submit code change proposals, discuss them, comment on them, and even vote on the preliminary stages of the proposals.


Maintaining Your Lease-Up Schedule

Best Practices To Stay On Track

By Khris Golder

Operational Tips

Whether you are the proud owner of a revamped self-storage facility or you are looking for coastal expansion, your investors are going to want to feel comfortable in your lease-up strategy. Applying a broad-spectrum schedule to a nationwide chain will undoubtedly lead to several failed ventures, and it’s a huge caution for someone looking to expand outward into new territories. Understanding the proper lease-up schedule requires a deeper knowledge of a number of factors.


Future Financing

Planning For 2017

By Neal Gussis

Financial Facts

It’s hard to believe that it’s the fourth quarter of the year already, a time when we reflect on 2016 and begin planning for the year to come. And what a year it has been for the self-storage industry as demonstrated by strong operational performances by most operators and the continued capital market realization that storage is a highly viable commercial real estate asset class. It has been a banner year for financing as well, with great availability of capital and loan programs to sustain and support the industry’s long-term growth prospects.


The Last Word

YLG And The Self-Storage Industry

John Lindsey – Co-Founder And President Of Lindsey Self Storage Group

The Last Word



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