Sales Training with Paul Schween Package


Learn how to close more business with practical, proven formulas with this educational package developed by sales expert Paul Schween.

Package includes:
  • “Professional Sales Study Guide” Course CD (PowerPoint Presentation with workbook and audio) – Valued at $75.00
    • Topics covered include: prospecting, successful first contacts, qualifying customers, effective presentations, overcoming objections, closing and much more!
  • 8 “Serve More To Sell More” Educational Videos (Access online) – Valued at $74.95 
    • Topics covered include: managing objections, presenting your product as the best on the market, advancing your own career while helping your company grow, balancing new technology and automation with customer relations, much more!

Note: You will receive an email with access to the 8 videos and the CD will be shipped.

More About Paul Schween

Paul Schween, America’s Sales Satirist, combines hard hitting sales techniques with belly bursting laughter. Known for his uniquely irreverent style, he challenges sales people to reach their real potential by giving them practical and potent formulas that are proven to close more business.

After over 15 years of promoting and working with the most prolific sales trainer in the U.S., (including Tom Hopkins, Dennis Waitley, Tony Parinello, Jim Rohn, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy) Paul developed a knack for invigorating old tired sales techniques with a fresh perspective that empowers sales people to become more assertive in their approach. In 1996 Paul co-founded one of the premier seminar companies in the industry called Sales Teknologies which was dedicated entirely to sharing what he now calls, Industrial Strength Sales Strategies.

Once an underdog himself as a sales person; Paul has an indelible spirit to help bring out the best in people who aim high in life. Because of his ability to connect, he has a track record of transforming under confident rookie sales people into powerfully high-performing sales professionals.

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