Putting the Customer First! The Key To Your Success!


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Given the current state of the economy, maintaining market share is more important than ever. That means taking a little more time with prospective tenants and placing a lot more emphasis on customer retention. The bottom line is this: Putting the customer first could mean the difference between someone choosing your facility or that of your competitor down the street.The cover story of this edition of Mobile Self-Storage Magazine explores this very topic. Starting on page 10, you?ll glean some tips from mobile industry experts on what it means to offer customer-first service. In addition, our second feature looks at the portable container component of the mobile business and how it might fit into your business plan.Columns in this issue look at two very important topics. First, ‘Scheduling Efficiency: Solving The Routing Puzzle? explores how tightening up your pickup and delivery schedule can save your both time and money. Second, ‘Selling Products For Mobile? offers excellent insight into how product sales can become an easy and profitable revenue stream for mobile self-storage operators.