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What’s It Worth?


What’s It Worth?

Making, Managing, and Measuring Value Self Storage Facility

  • Timothy Moffit
  • Michelle Gigowski

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This book is unique in that it weaves valuation theory through a particular asset class, self-storage facilities. What’s my self-storage facility worth? Discover the keys to making, managing, and measuring self-storage value. The authors of this unique series have experience as educators, analysts, appraisers, and turnaround consultants, which have offered opportunities to work regularly with students and clients in connecting the dots between valuation theory and practice. In particular, the authors focus on three value dimensions: 1) making value, 2) managing value, and 3) measuring value. The goal of this text to simultaneously develop a fundamental understanding of both value creation and the self-storage facility asset class.

By Timothy Moffit and Michelle Gigowski


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