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2022 Developing Specialty Storage


Explore new self-storage opportunities! Many owners and operators are driving new revenue streams with specialty and niche storage offerings such as portables, commercial tenants, wine storage, car charging stations, cell towers, PO boxes and much more!

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Create New Revenue Streams by Developing Specialty Storage Offerings

While most self-storage operators focus on traditional storage at their facilities, others venture into other not-so-common storage niches. In the 2022 Developing Specialty Storage publication, experts discuss niche storage opportunities including:

  • Considering Specialty Storage         
  • Inviting Commercial Tenants           
  • Robotic Self-Storage
  • Cell Towers As Added Income         
  • Dedicated Gun Storage     
  • Maximizing Revenue With Portables              
  • Incorporating Wine Storage            
  • Safe Deposit Boxes, PO Boxes, and U.S. Postal Annex Development     
  • Developing RV And Boat Storage   
  • Special Units Need Special Auctions              
  • Car Charger Stations          

Have a special interest in developing boat and RV storage? Check out the 2020 RV & Boat Storage Development Handbook.

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