Self Storage Association & Charity Storage Celebrate 10th Anniversary!


SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 9, 2021 – This year, the Self Storage Association (SSA) and Charity Storage are celebrating Ten Years of Partnership! It has been an incredibly rewarding and dynamic decade of collaboration. Charity Storage is the Official Charity Partner of the SSA, consistently attending the two, yearly National Conferences & Trade Shows and participating in SSA-Managed Association Events. Charity Storage has enjoyed a complementary designated booth on the tradeshow floor and another in the foyer, as well as being afforded many marketing and advertising opportunities. This commitment puts the SSA firmly in the Angel Sponsor territory, which is the highest, exclusive and closed category of our most steadfast, long-term Sponsors.

“Over the past decade Charity Storage has offered a logical path to giving for the leading companies in our industry,” said SSA President & CEO Tim Dietz. “We encourage our members to integrate this charitable platform into their operations; it’s a tremendous additive to your business and to your community.”

On the reciprocal side, Charity Storage has donated over $65,300 to date (and $11,746 just in 2020!) to the SSA Foundation Scholarship Program. This represents 10% of all auction proceeds generated through Charity Storage Unit Auctions, as that contribution is built into the Charity Storage Giving Back Program. The hard work and dedication of the participating facility Owners, Operators and Managers is unparalleled, with over $740,000 distributed to a variety of qualified charities since inception.

Both Charity Storage founders – the late Barry Hoeven of Westport Properties/US Storage Centers (and a 2016 SSA Hall of Fame Inductee) and Lance Watkins, currently of Tenant Inc., – have always strongly advocated for the SSAF Scholarship Program, and this continues to be a big part of our mission. We look forward to the next decade of partnership and are deeply grateful for the support and encouragement Charity Storage has received from the SSA throughout the years.

About Charity Storage

Charity Storage, a 501(c)3 organization (Federal Tax ID# 45-3253579), is the Official Charity Partner of the Self Storage Association & SSA-Managed/Affiliated State Associations, and the first and only national self storage industry charity. It is also a Charity Partner of the Inside Self Storage World Expo, Storelocal, the Storage Business Owners Alliance and the Nevada Self Storage Association, as well as an Affiliate Member of the Arizona Self Storage Association and the California Self Storage Association. In addition, the Texas Self Storage Association recommends Charity Storage to its members.

Charity Storage enables self storage facilities to utilize existing resources to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. 90% of auction funds are disbursed to qualifying organizations.

The Charity Storage Giving Back Program is an opportunity for the self storage industry to raise funds for nonprofits nationwide. Owners and managers designate a unit as the Charity Storage Unit at each participating location. They then collect abandoned and donated items into the unit. That dedicated unit is listed for auction, either online or onsite. A Charitable Donation Receipt is provided for all donations. When enrolled facilities sell the contents of their Charity Storage Unit, the proceeds are distributed as follows…

• Charity Chosen by the Facility (60%)
• Kure It Cancer Research (20%)
• Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship Program (10%)
• Charity Storage (10%)

There are nearly 300 pre-screened charities already enrolled in the program, and more can be added if they meet the stated criteria. Charity Storage retains 10% of the auction proceeds to help cover administrative costs. This is made possible by storage industry operators and vendors who participate in the Sponsorship Program and underwrite operational costs.


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