and Self Storage Manager are partnering to create the next generation API Integration


Phoenix, AZ – Self-Storage Manager, Inc., a technology leader in storage facility management software, and Self Storage Auction LLC, the parent company of and and partner in several leading global self-storage auction platforms, have today announced their partnership to create a cutting-edge, next-generation integration. The integration will bring two distinct platforms into direct communication, providing a heightened convenience to storage operators utilizing the Self-Storage Manager™ platform. The partnership promises to set a new global standard by which storage facility operators manage their facilities and auctions.

Self-Storage Manager™ delivers cutting-edge, cloud based solutions with contact less transactions, advanced lead tracking and lead management capabilities for multi-facility and large self-storage operators. A certified Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for 16+ years, with a large client base in more than 15 countries across the globe, Self-Storage Manager, Inc. is an acclaimed technology leader that has provided transformative solutions to address the business and operational needs of the self-storage industry. It’s driving commitment to leveraging modern technologies and centralizing operations in an easy-to-use, cloud-based and open API platform is what makes this latest partnership with Inc. so fitting. Inc. currently manages the largest growing network of cloud-based self-storage auction websites with a prominent global market presence in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and Europe.

As an Inside Self-Storage (ISS) “Best of Business: Best Online-Auction Services” award winner for 5 years straight, Inc.’s web-based platforms allow operators an easy to use, lien-law approved, online auction sale process that aims at maximizing debt recovery and freeing up storage units tied to tenants that failed to pay their rent. The global presence and platform ease-of-use for bidders and operators allows facilities to recoup lost income on delinquent units more efficiently than alternatives.

“ Inc.’s auction platform maximizes results on the other side of the ledger” said VP of technology at Inc., Alexander Plagiannakos. “The innovations our company brings on the promotion and sale of storage auctions makes for a fitting partnership in advancing an enduring vision for setting a global operational standard in the storage industry”

The intent behind the partnership will be making the auction process easier for operators world-wide, creating integrations like no other, that especially focus on giving greater transparency and centralized control over the lien and auction process.

“The partnership between Self-Storage Manager, Inc. and Inc. will meet the evolving needs of the storage operators that are looking to leverage the best of the breed technology solutions through API integrations.” said Self-Storage Manager, Inc. President and CEO Kat Shenoy.

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Tony Johnson | Director of Sales & Operations | ISS Best Online Auction Platform – 2016-2020
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