Stor-Guard Introduces Patented Wireless Security & Over-Locking System


Stor-Guard, LLC has introduced a new wireless security and over-locking system that is so advanced it’s earned three patents. The new Smartlok Solutions give managers an easy way to monitor unit activity and control over-locking using PC or smartphone technology.

The Smartlok Smart-Latch Series has a unique design that’s a security system with over-locking functions that prevent unauthorized entry to the unit. Smart-Latch also allows tenants the added security of using their own barrel or standard locks.

Smart-Latch also contains a sophisticated detector that can sense if a burglar attempts to enter into a unit through the wall or roof and alerts the facility office. It’s the first lock of its kind in the industry.

The Smartlok Latch-Defender is the easiest way to add security to a facility, with the added benefits of over-locking delinquent tenants’ access to their unit.

Both products can be used to retrofit existing products or in new facilities to present a high-end, secure appearance.

Each Smartlok product has a built-in door alarm, shock sensor, and heat detector. Each lock features a shock sensor to detect if a burglar attempts to tamper with the lock or door and sounds an alarm. For added security and safety, a heat detector notifies the manager if the lock temperature exceeds 135oF.

All of the Smartlok products interface with all major self-storage software management systems, giving the manager the ability to monitor and control security right in the office or remotely with mobile devices. These systems include SiteLink, DOMICO Software, Syrasoft Management Software, Centershift, Storage Commander, Space Control, and Easy Storage Solutions.

Smartphone apps give the manager complete control of the facility’s security. Plus, tenants can monitor the status of their units, and open the gate with Stor-Guard’s virtual keypad.

The locks store all transactions, codes, unit status, and activity in non-volatile memory in the event of a power failure.

Batteries have a long five-to-seven year life under normal conditions.

Convenient Security With Bluetooth Reader

Stor-Guard is also rolling out the ECKey EK6 Smartphone Reader, which is a long-range Bluetooth Proximity Reader for use with third party access control systems. The EK6 reader can easily be installed economically in new applications or as a retrofit or upgrade to an existing reader or other access control device.

The EK6 reader listens for all discoverable Bluetooth devices in range. When one is located, the EK6 converts the device’s ID and sends the data to the access control system. The system will then grant or deny access depending on the authorization level assigned to that user. The EK6 allows tenants with smartphones convenient access to gates, man doors, and elevators.

ECKey Bluetooth readers work even when Wi-Fi and cellular networks don’t. These adjustable long-range readers can operate up to 30 feet away. This enables the readers to be mounted on the secure side of the door away from vandals and inclement weather, or out of sight for architecturally or historically sensitive areas.

The ECKey EK6 offers these benefits:

  • Convenient, secure, improves efficiency
  • Standard Bluetooth works with every phone
  • Adjustable read range from 1 foot to 30 feet
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • 128-bit encrypted token ensures security.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

It’s understandable that this sophisticated technology originates from a company led by John Wollam, who has more than three decades of self-storage security experience.

Wollam, founder and president of Stor-Guard LLC, has been in the self-storage industry since 1980 and in that time, his work has taken him to literally thousands of properties. This experience has contributed to the company’s thorough understanding of the problems and challenges facing self-storage owners and managers and has led to many innovative products and features.

As a veteran security professional in self-storage, he has helped to develop many of the industry’s security protocols and products. He has worked with some of the industry’s iconic pioneers, including Buzz Victor and Bryce Grefe.

Victor was a founder of the Self Storage Association and served as president for two terms. He founded Mini-Storage Alarm Company (now Sentinel Systems) in the 1970s, which designed the industry’s first security systems and property management software. Grefe has a varied background in the industry including facility owner.

Wollam has installed and serviced security and access products from all of the major players, including PTI, Door King, Sentinel, and DigiTech, where he developed the company’s first keypad product.

“It is my experience with various security products and their limitations that led me to develop my own self-storage security line,” Wollam says.

Complete Self-Storage Security Solutions

Stor-Guard is a full service integration and manufacturing firm based in the Seattle area. Stor-Guard specializes in design, manufacturing, installation, and service of security and access control systems for the self-storage industry. The company’s products include electronic gates and access control, intrusion/perimeter protection, and video surveillance systems.

All of Stor-Guard’s components have been field-tested in the harsh outdoor conditions of the Pacific Northwest and are backed by the best warranty in the industry. For example, all of the company’s ruggedized keypads have five-year warranties while most competitors limit them to one year.

The company also employs a professional services group specializing in system design and engineering. Whether you are planning a new facility or upgrading an antiquated system, this group is available to design advanced yet affordable security systems. The team has been involved in thousands of projects and can offer valuable best practice ideas based upon two decades of experience.

Stor-Guard has earned a reputation for superior customer care and technical support. Long before developing its own brand of security and access control products, Stor-Guard’s reputation was built upon providing service and support for other major security systems.

Stor-Guard provides live technical support on weekdays as well as emergency support on weekends. Customers consult with a factory trained application engineer in the USA, not someone in a foreign land.

More and more self-storage customers are concerned about facility security. In fact, it’s one of the key amenities potential tenants consider when they make their decisions about where to store.

Stor-Guard’s leaders have helped to guide the changing face of self-storage security over the decades. Seasoned facility owners as well as those new to the industry put this valuable experience to use when planning their secure, state-of-the-art businesses.


Company: Stor-Guard, LLC

Headquarters: Kent, Washington

Products: Design, manufacturing, installation, and service of security and access control systems

Phone: 800-651-3129



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