Xercor Insurance Services Announces Anastasia Malagisi as Director of Marketing

July 29, 2019 – Xercor Insurance Services LLC is pleased to welcome Anastasia N. Malagisi as its Director of Marketing. Malagisi will be responsible for the company’s strategic marketing initiatives and contributing to its overall business development efforts.


“We are truly excited to have Anastasia as part of our team at Xercor,” said Maureen Lee, president and chief operating officer of Xercor Insurance Services LLC. “Anastasia brings a wealth of industry knowledge and has developed a rapport with many self storage operators and service providers. As we continue to grow, her energy and enthusiasm makes her a welcomed addition to our customer-focused team.”

Malagisi previously worked for Union Realtime/Radius, a data services provider for the self storage industry. Formerly, she served as the Self Storage Association’s Director of Marketing and Outreach. She has over 11 years of experience in the self storage industry and 15 years of experience in marketing.

Since its inception in 2015, Xercor’s compliance-focused approach to tenant insurance ensures every operator is informed about current state laws and regulations and operational best practices to mitigate any potential risk. Today, Xercor covers more than 540,000 tenants in the United States and provides unparalleled customer service to its tenants.

About Xercor Insurance Services, LLC

Xercor Insurance Services LLC is the leading tenant insurance services provider for the self storage industry. Created with both the customer and self storage operator in mind, Xercor offers an industry-leading insurance program that provides customers with peace of mind that their personal belongings are covered if the unexpected occurs. To learn more about Xercor Insurance Services’ exceptional coverages and competitive offerings, please visit www.xercor.com.



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