The “All Calls” Strategy: Why This Model Makes Business Sense Today

The “All Calls” Strategy: Why This Model Makes Business Sense Today Presented by Cynthia Abraham, Vice President, OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Larry Rolando, Vice President, OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

Sponsored and presented by OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Moderated by Poppy Behrens, Publisher, MiniCo Publishing

Today, more than ever, effectively handling incoming calls is critical to the success of your business. The self-storage industry has long debated the pros and cons of routing all incoming calls to the facility or to a central location/call center. Recent advances in phone technology, software connectivity, call center applications, and real-time information access via the Internet have made it feasible for remote agents to effectively service callers. The “All Calls” strategy has been proven to be a successful model by some of the leading self-storage operators, and the model makes business sense for even the smallest of operators. Join us for an informational presentation and learn how the “All Calls” model may help you leap ahead of your competitors in 2010.

  • Determining Your Manager’s Skill Set & Responsibilities
  • Optimizing Manager Efficiency
  • The Great Conundrum
  • Enabling Remote Agents to be Successful
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Staffing Analysis / Cost Justification