How to Lease More Units and Maximize Your Income

How to Lease More Units and Maximize Your Income

Presented by Paul Darden, Owner, District Manager

Sponsored and presented by District Manager Moderated by Poppy Behrens, Publisher, MiniCo Leasing units and maximizing income are critical steps toward self-storage success. In this webinar, Paul Darden will discuss a number of techniques to help you increase income including understanding the real value of each unit, determining when to use discounts and concessions, and seasonal factors that affect discounting.


  • All Rent is Perishable
  • The #1 Factor is the Vacancy of Each Unit Size
  • What is the Real Value of Each Unit Leased?
  • When to Use Discounts vs. Concessions
  • 4 Seasonal Changes You Need to Make in Discounting

About our speakers: For nearly 30 years, Paul Darden has been involved in buying, selling, owning, developing, managing and auditing hundreds of storage facilities. Based on years of his deep-rooted experience and feedback from peers in the self-storage industry, Paul has developed the criteria, thresholds and algorithms underlying the District Manager software. Since its first release in early 2010, District Manager has become a favorite with hundreds of clients across the United States and Australia.

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