Self-Storage Acquisitions: $0 Money Down Case Studies

Self-Storage Acquisitions: $0 Money Down Case Studies Presented by Scott Meyers, President, Alcatraz Storage, and Founder, Self-Storage Profits, Inc.

Sponsored and presented by Self Storage Profits, Inc. Moderated by Poppy Behrens, Publisher, MiniCo Publishing

Savvy investors are discovering great deals in today’s self-storage market. Join Scott Meyers for this free webinar and learn about several no-money-down deals that he and his students have recently closed, all with cap rates above 10 percent! This is a must-attend webinar for anyone looking to learn how to capitalize on the wave of excellent deals that are being presented in today’s market. We anticipate this will be a heavily attended webinar, and space is limited. Register today! TOPICS WILL INCLUDE:
  • Finding the Deals
  • Evaluating Properties
  • Profiting From Your Investments