How to Take Customer Calls 101, Part 1

How to Take Customer Calls 101, Part 1

Presented by Tron Jordheim, COO, PhoneSmart

Sponsored and presented by PhoneSmart Moderated by Poppy Behrens, Publisher, MiniCo Customer calls are a critical factor in the success of any self-storage operation. In this webinar, Tron Jordheim will explain how you and your staff can learn to monitor, identify, train and perfect your technique to sound great on the phone and increase profits.


  • How to know how you sound
  • How to identify a quick win
  • How to train and enforce new behavior

About our speakers: Tron Jordheim is the COO of PhoneSmart, a sales support and call center serving self-storage businesses in North America. PhoneSmart has created more than 750,000 reservations and leads for its self-storage clients in its 10 years of business. Tron is also the founder of the PhoneSmart Hawaii Un-Conference, a gathering of self-storage VIPs. Sponsorship Opportunities Available Call: 800-352-4636